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    The Companies Act, 2013 (“Act” or “Companies Act”) does not define the word ‘Meeting’. One of the canons of interpretation of statutes, as laid down by courts in India in a number of cases, is that when a word is used but not defined in a statute, it should be interpreted by its ordinary meaning. In general context, meeting is an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.

    Profession tax is a tax on income earned by way of profession, individual salaries/wages, on business owners and excluding the income from agriculture and blind people, are liable to pay the tax to the state government. 

    The maximum amount payable per year is Rs. 2,500/- and in line with tax player’s salary, there are predetermined slabs for the Andhra Pradesh government and the slab rates is differ from state to state and the Andhra Pradesh Slabs rates as below.

    Key Topics Covered:

    • Analysis of Direct Tax Proposals
    • Analysis of Service Tax Proposals
    • Analysis of Excise Proposals
    • Analysis of Customs Proposals
    • Analysis of FEMA Proposals

    Key Topics Covered:

    • Internal Audit – Significance of Internal Audit
    • Service Tax – Exploring the Controversy of ST applicability on Goods Transports Operations
    • Companies Act – Proposed CARO 2016 with additional reporting requirements
    • Labour Laws – FAQs on Payment of Bonus Act 1936
    • Income Tax – Remission or Cessation of Future Liability

    Key Topics Covered:

    • FTP – Trade Agreements under FTP – Certain Insights
    • Income Tax – Interest u/s 234B & 234C – Certain ‘Interest’ing Issues
    • Service Tax – Service Tax Melancholy on Employer services to Employee
    • FCRA – Registrations and Returns under FCRA
    • Internal Audit – Digital Signature Decrypted – E Lock
    • Labour Laws – Restraints on Termination of Employment
    • Transfer Pricing – Country by Country reporting – Action 13 – BEPS Project

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