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    Presentations on Auditing, Taxation, GST and other information.

    Are GST, Taxation, IDT, FEMA, Project Finance and audit bothering you? Worry no more. We have got some excellent presentations from the industry experts lined up for you. Well, it is certainly natural for business owners to find it difficult to invest a lot of time in getting accustomed to these crucial financial concepts. On the other hand, the story is the same, when it comes to working professionals and individuals too. No matter how dry and boring and confusing these concepts might seem, there is no way you can forgo these, if you are planning to make a good, carefully thought out moves in your business. Yes, that is the kind of importance these concepts hold.

    To make it easier for you, we have put together these informative presentations that help you stay updates with all the debt equity advisory, DT and MSME, FEMA, IDT, audit and other direct tax related concepts. Right from GST reconciliation to income computation, we have everything covered for you. These presentations provide you with the step by step details to finish all your financial procedures. Having developed by the industry experts, our presentations are definitely worth availing. After all, you will be educated on all the mandatory financial concepts that help you stay safe.

    Some of the concepts that are covered by our informative presentations include:

  • E way billing
  • Exporting refund under the GST laws
  • Tax Audit Report
  • Direct taxation
  • FEMA
  • Debt equity advisory
  • Changes in ITR
  • Concepts of direct tax proposals
  • GST in real estate
  • Hotel industry audit
  • These are just some of the concepts that are covered by our experts, hope this gives you with a clear picture about what you can expect. Once you learn from these presentations, you can also educate and guide the people around you. This makes it all the more worth downloading. How exciting it is to not only be independent, but also be able to help others around you. In this way you will also be able to build a network of your own.

    Grab your copy today. Download now.