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    SBS Wiki E Journal November 2022

    SBS Wiki E Journal November 2022

    It is a proud moment for our organisation on achieving this rarest milestone. The one in your hand is the 100th edition. When we thought to release our first edition, we were bit sceptical, whether we could continue to do this for at least couple of months. But we are here, releasing our 100th edition. 

    Authoring articles which require detailed research and study is not an easy task. Repeating this for 100 times is a herculean task. At this juncture, I asked a question to myself. How did we do this? The only answer I got was, that we took the monthly release of journal to our heart and thought this is one of the few ways to show the passion we have towards the profession. Undoubtedly, the feedback that we have been receiving from the readers was another motivation to keep the journal live and kicking.

    On this occasion, I would like to share one cherishing anecdote. Me and my partner were off to deliver a seminar out of Hyderabad. The journey to the venue from Hyderabad is close to 3 hours. One of the speakers of the same seminar was a senior chartered accountant who has immense expertise in the areas of direct taxation. The organisers have introduced us to the said senior professional. When we were introduced to him, the organisers have stated that these people are from SBS firm and release a monthly journal containing detailed articles. The senior professional smiled at us and to our surprise shown a copy of our recent journal in his hand. He said since it is a long ride from Hyderabad, he has taken a print of the recent edition to read in the car. We are much elated to find a copy of journal in his hand. We felt so happy that our journal was read by senior professionals not as a routine forward but with a serious intent of taking a print and reading it out. Incidents like these, kept on motivating us and helped us in reaching this milestone.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the article contributors who have penned such wonderful articles on the most happening topics, with special reference to Mr. Harsha, Designated Partner, for his persistent effort in contributing such beautiful piece of art, to entice the readers, and ensuring that Wiki is released monthly on dot, with out any delay. It would be an exaggeration, that readers have complemented us for this effort.

    Special thanks to our publication partner for timely delivery of Wiki, and our IT partner for posting in the portal and transmission to clients.

    We are happy that we have reached to our 100th edition and looking forward to many more. I could not wish anything more than your continuous support. Hope all these articles will help everyone in understanding and better preforming their works. We are also coming with concept books in next few months. The concept book is around a single concept analysed from dimension of multiple laws. As given, we request your same support for the future editions and the concept books.

    From this edition, we started summarising important decisions in the areas of direct and indirect taxation for the benefit of readers. We wish to add summaries for the judgments in other laws in the upcoming editions.

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