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    Finance Act 2017 has introduced sub-section 5A to Sec 45 which provides for chargeability of capital gains on transfer of capital asset being land or building or both under a specified agreement in the hands of assessee being individual or HUF(here in after referred as eligible transferor).

    This section overrides the provisions of section 45(1) to the extent of year of chargeability as it is postponed to the year in which Certificate of Completion (COC) for whole or part of the project is issued rather than the year in which capital asset was transferred. 

    IBC code – overview:

    Insolvency precedes bankruptcy and liquidation follow bankruptcy.

    Insolvency warnings:
    drop in sales
    delay in payments
    Increasing reliance on credit

    Cash flow test:
    when cash flow IN s less than cash flow OUT flow.


    • Introduction.
    • Reasons for Changes in ITR-Forms.
    • Detailed Explanation of ITR-Forms.
    • Other Moderate Changes in ITR-Forms.

    Employee’s Provident Fund and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 regulates the procedure for employee registration along with other functions.

    If the employee is registered under Employees’ Provident Fund, he will be allotted with UAN (Universal Account Number) and One Employee need to have only one UAN. Like One Person one PAN (Permanent Account Number).

    For New Employee Registrations, Aadhaar details are mandatory. If Employee’s UAN is linked with his/her Aadhaar number then he can use many online services for withdrawal of PF and others, instead of going to Employees’ Provident Fund Offices.

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