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    Dear All,

    A very warm good morning to each one of you. On behalf of SBS, I congratulate everyone on SBS turning 9 years today. This is the first Annual celebration we are celebrating outside SBS premises, past years has been very special in many ways. I humbly thank all the Partners, Clients, Employees, Interns, families of the partners and employees, Government Authorities, Associates and other Stakeholders, who have been a constant support to the organisation right from the inception. I wish the entire team will have their prayers and blessings going forward too.

    Let me also take this as an opportunity to reflect the past year and plan for the year ahead. 

    We had certain important milestones in the past year. We have achieved a growth rate of 100% in revenues compared to the last year and this is a great sign that our efforts are being paid off. It is our pride to state that continuing our growth story, we have added significant number of new clients from various industries. 


    Months have been passed, after introduction of GST to replace all other indirect taxes. However, even to date, there are several questions which remainedambiguous and unclarified. One of such issues is Payment and Offset of GST, which is being discussed in this article. 

    As compared to Service Tax and Excise duty regime,the procedure relating to payment of GST is different and which may bring hardships to assesses. 

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