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    Startups – Definition; Process; Eligibility.
    Benefits & Key Challenges.
    Initial Entity setup pros & cons.
    Direct Taxes Incentives & Compliances.
    Presumptive Taxation - Tax Audit - ICDS.
    Impact of Cash Receipts & Payments.
    Capital Gains – Deemed Transfer – 50C.
    Compliances – TDS.
    Compliances – Secretarial.
    Compliances – Labour Laws.
    Compliances – Others.
    MSME Benefits - Basics.

    Contributed by CA Suresh Babu S


    Peek into Real Estate Sector.
    Revenue Recognition.
    Accounting Aspects.
    Impact of Cash Receipts and Payments.
    Presumptive Taxation.
    Capital Gains – Deemed Transfer.
    Peek into Joint Development Agreement.
    Amendment to Section 45.
    Deemed Sale Consideration, Section 50C & Section 50D.
    Notional Income.
    Reporting Requirements.
    TDS Provisions.
    Un-accounted Income.
    Tax Audit – recent important changes.
    ICDS – Relevant to Real-estate business.

    Contributed by CA Suresh Babu

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